Are You Ready for Email in the Cloud?

Enterprises have been rapidly shifting their IT infrastructures to a cloud computing model. The cloud allows organizations to receive their software, data access and storage needs as a service, instead of deploying and operating these systems themselves. The cloud affords many benefits to today’s organizations from agility and scalability, to cost savings and increased efficiency.

A key area of interest for organizations with respect to the cloud is email. Email is a critical component of almost every business, but managing email infrastructure can be both time consuming and expensive – an ideal technology to move to a cloud services model! And many organizations are doing just that. Gartner states that while cloud email is in its infancy, it is growing extremely quickly – with roughly 2% of the market today, growing to 10% by the end of 2012 and 30% by the end of 2015.

In recent years, many organizations have started to shift their email infrastructures to a cloud computing model in order to reap the benefits. Every organization has a different strategy when it comes to adopting cloud email services. Some organizations’ are looking to realize the benefits of cloud based email by moving every user to the cloud. Others decide to adopt a hybrid strategy – where some users’ email infrastructure would be cloud-based and others remain in-house.

Some large organizations find it easier to achieve a seamless transition to cloud email by moving users in a staged fashion –migrating users to the cloud in phases, keeping others in-house during the process. These organizations continue to use the Microsoft Outlook front-end, while migrating to a cloud email backend. In addition to the migration benefits of continuing to use the Outlook front-end with a cloud email solution, organizations can enjoy uninterrupted email service for their users while continuing to use the familiar Outlook environment they are most comfortable with. User environments are not impacted by the new cloud services, no user training is needed, and no new client-side security issues arise.

So tell us what you think. What’s your plan for email in the cloud? Are you ready?

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