Chaos and Data and Copters…oh my! Time for RSA 2012!!

One VERY SHORT year ago, TITUS made our debut – a coming out party of sorts – at RSA. And what a debut it was! We had excitement, we had NASCAR racing, we gave away PS3s, and we had HUGE crowds of people at our booth wanting to learn more about how to involve their end users in securing sensitive information… what a week!

So, what’s the first thought that went through our collective minds when planning this year’s event… “How the heck are we going to top that excitement this year!?” But, we put those collective minds to work, and, well, I think we’ve found a way!

TITUS is a Silver Sponsor again this year, and you’ll be able to find us in pretty much the same location we were in last year – booth 1847. Will there be excitement? Will there be crowds? Will there be fun… you ‘betcha!

You might be asking yourself, what’s happening at the TITUS booth this year …

I think we’ll probably be the only exhibitor at RSA asking visitors to our booth to enter a ‘Crazy Chaos Cube’! What is a ‘Crazy Chaos Cube’? You’re just going to have to stop by booth 1847 to find out! We’ll be giving away very cool remote controlled helicopters every half hour throughout the show. And visitors will also have a chance to win in our daily draws for Acer Netbooks.

Of course, outside of all of the prize-winning fun, visitors to our booth will be able to learn about how TITUS user driven security and compliance products, including TITUS Message Classification and TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office, involve the user to raise security awareness and help prevent data loss. We’ll also be showcasing the latest release of TITUS Classification for Desktop, which enables users, with just a simple click, to classify any file on a Windows desktop, including Adobe PDF, videos, images, and CAD files, helping protect sensitive data, including intellectual property. And, you can learn how TITUS Metadata Security Claims Edition enhances SharePoint security by harnessing the power of user claims and document metadata, to ensure that the right people are accessing the right information.

For those people looking for Cloud Data Security and Mobile Data Security solutions, we’ll be able to give you a sneak peak of what TITUS is working on in those areas.

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