Cloud Data Security…Are You Worried about the Cost?

According to a survey by research group the Ponemon Institute, recently sited in an InformationWeek article, 91% of federal IT workers are either somewhat or very familiar with the Office of Management and Budget’s Cloud First initiative, however 69% believe that the initiative’s requirement to move three services to the cloud over 18 months is too fast. In fact, 71% of respondents said that pressure to move to the cloud creates security risks for their organizations.

The government’s move to cloud computing throughout the Obama administration is moving forward. Numerous efforts, including Cloud First and the FedRAMP security authorization initiative, have been set up to help accelerate that move. And at TITUS we are working with various government agencies to better understand their cloud data security requirements.

However, even beyond the worry that pressure to accelerate deployment increases risks, cloud data security remains a major concern for federal IT pros. The survey indicated that 54% of federal IT workers are not confident about their cloud service providers’ ability to provide sufficient data protection and security, but more IT pros believe their agency—rather than providers – should be the most responsible for cloud security.

As always, the biggest concern should be unauthorized public disclosure or inadvertent data breaches. Identifying and isolating government data from other data, and ensuring the right people have access to the right information, is key. Migrating to the cloud can be a lot easier if agencies start to identify sensitive data before it is sent to the cloud. TITUS Cloud Data Security solutions add not only visual labels but metadata to help identify and control sensitive data sent to the cloud.

What are your security concerns in the cloud? Viability of cloud vendors? User access? Privacy? Compliance? Are you ready to relinquish control of your data?

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