Announcing TITUS Classification 3.5!

Back in January, John Kindervag of Forrester Research released a report called ‘Rethinking DLP’. In this report, John stated that, “most companies fail in achieving DLP success because they don’t define the necessary process and policies before their deployment. Security professionals must train DLP tools by defining policies, but before you can define policies, you have to properly inventory and classify your sensitive information.”

We at TITUS couldn’t agree more!

Today, we are launching the latest version of our flagship products – TITUS Message Classification and TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office. These security and data governance solutions help organizations to ensure consistent and proper handling of their email and documents. With these solutions, organizations can enable users to classify email and documents, prevent data loss and meet compliance needs. By involving the user, TITUS solutions can ensure the right users have access to the right information.

In this new release, TITUS innovations and advancements cover the following areas:

We are very excited about today’s launch which further demonstrates our commitment to innovation in the area of governance and security, and leverages TITUS’ close relationships with world-leading security providers.  This launch also increases the breadth of TITUS’ proven capabilities, and clearly positions us as the thought leader in the market.

This release brings incredible value to our existing worldwide customer base, and opens new doors in the industry by addressing new areas in the security and governance market.

We are pleased to introduce the next generation of TITUS Message Classification for Outlook and TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office.  These solutions enable your organization to ensure the right people see the right information.

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