TITUS continues to support Australian Standard – EPMS 2012

They were one of our first customers. Their requirements are one of the reasons that TITUS began developing email classification security software. From our relationship with them, a better classification product was born.

The relationship between TITUS and our Australian customers, particularly those within the Australian federal government, is a long and positive one. If you look through TITUS archives, you will find that back in 2005, TITUS (then Titus Labs) announced a, ‘solution that meets all the mandatory requirements of the Australian government Email Marking Requirements’.  It was then that we began working closely with the Australian government to help them meet the requirements of the Email Protective Marking Standard (EPMS). Over the years, we have continued to work closely with our Australian government customers to ensure continued support, allowing them to meet the requirements for each subsequent version of the standard.

The Email Protective Marking Standard for the Australian Government formalizes the use of email classification by mandating the use and format of protective markings for all email messages exchanged within and between Australian Government agencies. Protective markings are used to convey the protection requirements for information contained in a message and use the classification system defined in the Australian Government Information Security Management Protocol.

The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) recently released version 2012.3 of its EPMS, and TITUS Message Classification for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web App (OWA) continues to provide full support for this latest version, while also continuing to maintain support for all previous versions.

TITUS Message Classification allows Australian government organizations to:

  • Read and write protective markings compliant with the Australian Government’s 2012.3 Email Protective Marking Standard
  • Seamlessly transition (gradually or immediately) from previous standards to the current v2012.3 standard
  • Guide users through classification selections to make it easier to apply classifications
  • Aid users to select appropriate classifications for their emails with built in help

One of the strengths of TITUS Message Classification is the ability for customers to easily customize classifications and markings for compliance according to their requirements. To assist Australian government customers with their need to comply with EPMS, TITUS has produced and included recommended product configurations. These configurations not only ensure support for the new standard, but they also provide customers with interoperability with the previous versions of the standard. This interoperability helps minimize disruption when migrating from older versions to the latest version of the standard. Guided classification support and tooltips help end users fully understand and get up and running with the new security classifications.

TITUS will continue to work closely with our Australian federal government customers and support both new and older version of EPMS in order to ensure that they are fully able to comply with this standard both now and in the future.

Visit our website for more information on complying with Email Protective Marking Standard (EPMS) version 2012.3. To receive the standard configurations produced for the Australian government, or if you have a question about our support for the new and old standards, contact us directly at info@titus.com.

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