TITUS at McAfee Focus 12 – Presenting the NATO Solution

On Tuesday we gave a joint presentation with McAfee and NATO called “NATO and TITUS – Intelligent Data Loss Prevention with Endpoint Classification”. There was a great turnout for the presentation with a full house of about 200 people in the room. John Tatman, Principal IA Engineer, NATO talked about how the joint TITUS McAfee solution is helping NATO protect its information. Also discussed was how the TITUS products now plug seamlessly into the McAfee EPO management environment. EPO can be used to deploy the TITUS classification tools, and can also be used to log and report on classification events within the enterprise. This combined TITUS McAfee reporting solution can give you an idea of how classification is being used within the enterprise, as well as policy violations such as trying to downgrade classifications, or send sensitive information outside the organization. For more information on this solution see our press release at https://www.titus.com/press/2012/NATO_TITUS_McAfee_Release.php

In their keynote this morning, McAfee talked about what they will be enabling in EPO V5. They demonstrated the concept of real time EPO in EPO 5.0. This real time concept allows administrators to query, in near natural language, what is happening in their environment. The answers don’t come from a compiled database of information, but rather from information collected in real time. One of the example queries was “Show me all running applications on my system”. This query can report on any rogue or unsupported applications being run in the system. Once you have this real-time information, you can use it to do real time risk mitigation. In the above example you could remove or prevent the non-approved applications.

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