Mobile email security: Why using a lightweight container is the recommended approach for both security and work/life balance

It’s no secret.  I dress up at work.  It is not required at my workplace, nor is it necessarily the culture.  It’s a personal choice.  I think it provides benefits for my work life, as well as my home life.  How does dressing up at work help in my personal life?  And what does this have to do with mobile email security?  Good questions.

We all know mobile devices are everywhere.  We all see the stats.  We all have one.  Most of us use our mobile devices for both personal and business endeavors.  For employees and managers alike, mobile computing is a welcome trend. They can check their email and conduct other business in any location. If they can combine work and personal information on their device, they only require a single device for all their needs.  This causes a serious security problem, especially for the most used app on any mobile device:  email.  Today’s smartphones make it difficult to draw the line between personal and business email, as both business and personal email (and their attachments) tend to live all in the same place, and without separation.  This is where the problem of protecting business information, all mixed together with personal information becomes very difficult.  With more and more users mixing business and personal data on their mobile devices, the risk of a data leak occurring from email increases significantly because:

  • Mobile devices are often used in public environments, where users are more likely to get distracted. This increases the potential for mistakes and accidental emails.
  • Mobile devices are easily lost, misplaced or stolen. How do we protect sensitive data on the missing device?
  • Privacy/e-Discovery. How do organizations know what data is on the mobile device? How can this data be found for e-Discovery purposes? What right does the company have to data on the device, when business data is mixed with personal data?

What is the answer to mitigating this biggest mobile risk of email?  Dress up at work.

Not only does dressing up at work help me look more professional in the office and credible in front of customers, but it helps me separate my work life from my home life.  When I come home from work, I remove all my dress clothes, and with them go any thoughts and stresses from work.  I throw on my sweats and an old t-shirt and I proceed to roll around on the carpet with my 3 kids.  Dressing up at work helps me separate my business life from my personal life.


On my personal mobile device, I use separate email apps for my business and personal email.  This affords me many of the same benefits as dressing up at work.  By having 2 different paradigms for business and personal email, I can easily separate my work life from my home life.  I am more focused at work and at home.  But that’s not all this situation provides.  I work at TITUS, a leader in security and governance solutions, and as you can imagine, my new purpose-built email app for my business email provides our organization with multiple security benefits:

  • Email does not traverse external international networks and service providers
  • Secure container for work-related emails
  • Small footprint application that ensures no data is kept on device
  • The ability to view attachments without opening unsecure applications or downloading files to the device
  • Alerts when emails containing sensitive data are about to be sent to personal email account addresses
  • Does not rely on remote wipe for data security
  • Reduces the risk of not finding data that is required for e-Discovery
  • Compatible with and complementary to existing MDM solutions



We are pleased to announce our new secure email app: TITUS Mobile.  TITUS Mobile keeps employees personal and business email separate, helping organizations protect corporate email on mobile devices.  It is a container that allows users to securely view email and attachments on their mobile device, while not keeping information on the device. With an iPhone look and feel that users want, and no additional server or integration work required, not only is TITUS Mobile easy to adopt and deploy, it is MDM-friendly, and can be an integral part of any corporate mobile strategy.


…Oh and it can also help with work/life balance.

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