Forrester Research Takes a Deep Dive into Defining Your Data

Forrester analysts Heidi Shey and John Kindervag recently released a Strategy Deep Dive report focused on a topic that is near and dear to us here at TITUS – Defining Your Data.

For as long as TITUS has been, well, TITUS, we have promoted our strong belief that in order for organizations to effectively protect their most sensitive information, they must first classify their data so that they truly know what information needs to be protected. In other words, organizations need to “define their data”.

In their report, Heidi Shey and John Kindervag outline the fact that, “understanding and knowing your data is the foundation for data security”. They go on to speak to how data classification does not have to be complicated, and that organizations should focus on classifying new data first, and address their legacy data down the road. They also emphasize that individuals throughout the organization – from data creators, to owners, users and auditors – should be involved in data classification.

Forrester speaks about how classification should encompass manual processes involving employees in addition to tools for automation and enforcement. Involving end users in data classification – sounds familiar…

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