Getting end-users on board with classification…Dell did it, so can you!

When we’re at various trade shows and events, IT Managers, CIOs and CISOs will often come to us with a similar concern. They can see how involving end users in protecting sensitive information may be a great idea, but they don’t know how they can get several hundred or several thousand employees on board with the idea of classifying information at the desktop. Can it be done?

Yes, in fact, it can be done, and done effectively. Look at Dell, one of our large enterprise customers and one of the most recognized and trusted names in the technology industry today. They came to TITUS looking for a way to more precisely classify information in order to enhance their data protection program. They deployed TITUS Classification solutions to over 100,000 employees around the world.

Dell realized that the first step for their program to be successful was to engage end users through a comprehensive training program. As Michael McLaughlin, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer with Dell, said, “The process was about so much more than implementing a tool for our users to classify information. While TITUS integrated easily into our existing Microsoft Office infrastructure, for us to be truly effective we needed employees to fully buy into the process and meet our corporate standards. As a result, we put in place a plan that encompassed a number of components including focus groups, an executive pilot and multiple training models, from video to classroom.”

Classification can be easy, and if Dell can successfully roll out TITUS Classification to over 100,000 employees worldwide, your organization can too!

To learn more about how Dell is using TITUS Classification to help protect their confidential information, read the case study.

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