Easily Transition from UK GPMS to GSC

Effective April 2, 2014, the new UK Government Security Classifications (GSC) policy replaces the previous Government Protective Marking Scheme (GPMS). The new policy requires the classification of Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) information assets into one of three types: OFFICIAL, SECRET, and TOP SECRET. This classification scheme, simplified from the previous GPMS seven-level classification scheme, will help ensure that government staff, contractors, and service providers can more easily safeguard information.

TITUS Classification Suite helps UK government organisations comply with the new GSC policy by providing users with an easy way to classify their information assets. In as little as one click, users can apply the Government Security Classifications to email and documents in Microsoft Outlook and Office, Outlook Web App, Windows Explorer, Lotus Notes, and on mobile devices. The solution can also apply GSC-compliant markings to visually identify the sensitivity of email and documents, so that recipients know how to handle the information.

TITUS Classification is a proven solution that has been deployed to more than 40 UK councils and police forces. TITUS Classification provides:

  • Full “out-of-the-box” support for the new Government Security Classifications system
  • The ability to customise classifications and markings including special handling instructions
  • Recommended product configurations to help ensure legal and regulatory compliance
  • Policy enforcement to educate users, reduce the risk of loss, and prevent inappropriate access

The transition from GPMS to GSC is a good opportunity to consider new ways to make it easier for users to classify and protect government information. For example:

1. If a network does not handle Secret or Top Secret information, the classification options can be simplified to OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE. As in the screenshot below, users can select from the TITUS “One Click Classification” ribbon interface. For OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE classifications that require a Descriptor, users can also click the Advanced button to bring up additional label options. In most cases, this will not be required, and email and documents can be classified with one click (or no clicks at all if a default is used).

One Click Classification with Advanced button for Descriptors

2. For SECRET networks and above, TITUS provides more advanced classification options through the TITUS classification selection dialog. Users are guided through the correct label combinations, and TITUS applies the GSC-compliant markings to match the user’s selection.

Advanced classification to support SECRET and above

3. Users can be educated on GSC policy as they work, with helpful TITUS policy messages to prevent common mistakes such as attaching a document with a higher classification to an email with a lower classification. TITUS provides numerous policy checks to stop data leaks before the information leaves the desktop.

TITUS policy messages to help with GSC compliance

TITUS can facilitate migration and guide you towards compliance with the new Government Security Classifications policy. Our team will work with you from deployment to change management to help ensure that you comply in a timely fashion, educate your users, and protect sensitive government information.

Contact TITUS today for more information on the migration from GPMS to GSC.

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