Why More and More Enterprises are Turning to Classification

Classifying information has always been a common practice for military and government organizations around the world. Back in 2005, when TITUS first began developing email classification software, our first customer was the Australian Federal Government. At that time, the Australian Government had mandated that departments must classify all email messages exchanged within and between Australian Government agencies.

Over the years, we have found an increasing number of enterprises outside of military and government are turning to classification as an effective way to identify and protect sensitive information. There are a number of reasons for this, and these certainly vary by industry. Fines, lawsuits, embarrassing headlines, loss of intellectual property, even risk to public safety have all been factors for organizations to turn to classification – in some cases in conjunction with a data loss prevention solution – to effectively protect their most sensitive information.

Nokia is just one example of an international organization that has seen the benefits of identify information using classification. With 130,000 employees in locations around the world, effectively protecting information was a challenge. They have numerous interdepartmental teams, and often members of these teams are in different locations, or even based in different countries. Nokia also collaborates with other companies on projects, which can make it difficult to ensure that information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

“We had a data classification policy in place at Nokia for a number of years,” said Petri Kuivala, Chief Security Officer at Nokia. “But we wanted to make this more effective by being able to automate the process to a certain extent, and to educate and assist end users in properly classifying the data that they create. Using TITUS email and document classification solutions has allowed us to actively engage employees in our corporate data loss prevention strategy.”

Nokia is just one of many enterprise organizations that are using classification as an effective way to communicate the value of information, and to help educate employees as to the best way to handle email, documents and other sensitive file types.

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