Looking for a secure solution for mobile email and documents?

You know that a great many of your employees are working from their mobile devices – viewing and responding to email, reading attachments and forwarding them on. As Forrester analyst Chris Sherman noted in a report earlier this year, “On average, 15% of employees are accessing sensitive data such as customer information, non-public financial data, intellectual property, and corporate strategy from devices other than work laptops and desktops. Employees are continuing to use their personal devices to view confidential business information.”

You’ve established a classification scheme within your organization, and it’s being adhered to by employees while working at the office, but your corporate information is now everywhere. How can you ensure that corporate policies are being enforced on mobile devices? How can you ensure that your corporate information is secure?

Today, we are introducing TITUS Classification for Mobile, which provides organizations with a complete mobile email and document security solution to address these concerns.

TITUS Classification for Mobile provides a secure and separate container for business email and documents. With these apps, employees have direct access to corporate email, SharePoint libraries and common file sharing services, ensuring that sensitive files are managed according to corporate policy. As John Tatman from NATO notes, “TITUS Classification for Mobile allows NATO to extend our information protection program to mobile information, helping us to ensure that sensitive information is being effectively protected across the organization on any device.”

Additional data protection is provided by extending Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) to mobile devices, allowing users to access or protect data using Microsoft RMS.

Learn more about TITUS Classification for Mobile today.

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