Enforcing RMS usage … automatically!

Having just returned from an RMS User Group meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany, where multiple Microsoft partners and customers were in attendance, writing about classification capabilities combined with RMS is a no-brainer.

There is a strong desire for organizations to protect, and track, their data assets, but one of the shortcomings of Microsoft Rights Management is the inability for organizations to enforce the usage. Although RMS templates can be created to help streamline the process of protecting emails and documents, the user must still break from the normal workflow of sending an email or saving a document. We all know how end users looove change, especially changes that require extra effort, and as a result, RMS capabilities still remain for the most part, underutilized. So how do companies looking to protect their corporate emails and documents enforce RMS adoption?

Addressing this challenge was a primary focus of a demonstration that TITUS delivered to the attendees. By leveraging TITUS classification capabilities, RMS templates can automatically be applied to the emails and documents that a user interacts with. Because there is no one size fits all RMS templates, different templates can be applied based on the classification label, email or document content, recipients, or other information attributes. For example, a less restrictive template can be applied to internal documents, but sensitive documents being sent outside of the organization can leverage a template that only allows viewing of the document to authorized users. Imagine, RMS enforcement through no end user involvement!? Security administrators, rejoice.

A big hit during the demonstration, which covered both desktop and mobile workflows, was the ability to view RMS protected documents through the secure TITUS Docs application. If you are an iOS user and you’ve ever tried to open an RMS protected document through Apple Mail, you’ll quickly understand the value in the feature.

Trying to open an RMS protected document through Apple Mail

Trying to open an RMS protected document through Apple Mail

Not only does TITUS Classification enforce the usage of RMS in a manner that meets your business requirements, it also enables a workflow that was previously a challenge for iOS users.

Visit our Classification and Microsoft AD RMS page for more information.

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