Involving Your Users in 2015

Recently, CIO Online ran an article by Thor Olavsrud entitled, ‘5 Information Security Trends That Will Dominate 2015’. The trends ranged from the growing prevalence of cybercriminals, to the increasing regulation around the collection, storage and use of information, to the continuation of BYOD trends in the workplace and the need for organizations to develop strong policies around this.

But the one trend that particularly stood out was the last one on the list – Engagement With Your People. And the first line of this section really caught my attention…”And that brings us full circle to every organization’s greatest asset and most vulnerable target: people.”

The article goes on to speak about the importance of organizations making positive security behaviors part of the business process; that rather than seeing employees as a risk, use them, and I quote, “as the first line of defense in the organization’s security posture.”

Why did this get my attention and pique my interest? Because this is something that TITUS has been speaking with our partners, prospects and customers about for years. Organizations need to consider their end users as part of the security solution – not just part of the problem.

What a concept – your 20,000 person organization could have an information security team of 20,000…rather than just the 10 folks you have now. Involving end users in data security by bringing user-driven data classification to the desktop is an approach that numerous enterprise organizations are turning to, and they are seeing the benefits.

How will you engage your team in 2015?

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