World Data Privacy Day

It’s Data Privacy Day today, and TITUS is participating with other organizations around the world to raise awareness about the need to protect personal data. While much of the focus of Data Privacy Day is on how individuals can protect their data from the mischievous, the opportunist and the criminal, here at TITUS we like to look at it from the other side. How can the bank, the clinic, the department store, the utility, the educational institution, and all of the other legitimate organizations that collect personal details be good stewards of this information?

One of the goals of Data Privacy Day is to encourage organizations to share the privacy and security controls they use to protect sensitive information. What could be better than to tell your customers that all of their information is classified and visually marked as “confidential” or even “secret”? Knowing that my personal information has been permanently tagged as “confidential”—whether in print or electronic format—reassures me that the users of my information will recognize the need to keep it safe.


Imagine that you could tell your customers that you have policies and systems in place which:

  • Automatically encrypt sensitive PII, PHI and PCI data
  • Prevent printing of sensitive information to unsecured printers
  • Apply the classification and user’s name as a watermark on all sensitive files printed to encourage security and accountability
  • Remind users to save sensitive information to secure network locations
  • Prevent access to the most sensitive information on mobile devices
  • Delete sensitive information from a mobile device based on geographic location or after a set expiry period
  • Alert users to security risks and policy violations before they occur
  • Analyze all outgoing email and based on the classification, user, recipient, or content can
    • Automatically apply encryption
    • Prevent sending to unauthorized recipients
    • Prevent accidentally sending PII, PHI or PCI outside the organization

As service delivery and communication methods change, more organizations are collecting personal information about their customers. As a result, consumer confidence in the protection of that information has become a significant factor in both attracting and maintaining a customer base. One breach could compromise your consumers and significantly damage both reputation and revenue. Provide your customer’s data with an identity and let it help you keep it protected.


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