Policy Tetris

Remember Tetris? Admit it – you’ve wasted hours on Tetris. Well, let me share with you something I like to call “Policy Tetris.”

Imagine for a moment a scenario at work where you need to share sensitive documents with a colleague. The workflow would consist of creating a document, attaching it to an email, addressing it to the appropriate colleague, and then hitting the send button. If you were to imagine this simple 4-step workflow as a shape it might look something like this:


Pretty simple.

And with a simple workflow comes a straightforward security policy that easily fits with the workflow to help keep the email safe (for example, preventing the email from being sent to external addresses).

Secure Workflow 1

But this simple workflow is more of an exception than a rule. Most organizations must also address complex scenarios such as ISO requirements, government regulations, competitive pressures, and privacy laws. And what if I also have concerns about insider threats (accidental or malicious) and want to implement a Zero Trust model? How do I fit my complex workflows and complex security requirements together?

Unfortunately, in many cases, it has not been possible to build a solution for your complex requirements because the security tools don’t have the flexibility required and your employees (as flawed human beings) don’t have the consistency to fill the gaps.

Secure Workflow 2

When the security policy ‘shapes’ don’t exist that fit tightly with your workflow, you are forced to either modify those workflows (reducing efficiency), or manage the best you can while hoping you don’t have a data breach.

TITUS is about to change that forever. As the foundation of data security, the powerful and flexible policy engine within TITUS Classification Suite measures events and various conditions – such as the content, context, classification, and user attributes – to take appropriate protective actions within your unique workflow. In other words, TITUS provides the exact “Tetris block” you need to identify, protect, and control your data while monitoring user behavior to locate and stop potential insider threats.

Want to know more? Visit TITUS in booth 1215 at RSA 2015, taking place in San Francisco from April 20 to 23, and keep watching TITUS.com.

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