Protect Your Intellectual Property: Forrester Playbook Overview


Wouldn’t it be great to say there is one product, from one vendor, that can protect all of your data? The reality, however, is that you need a security ecosystem and framework to protect your most valuable data assets. Forrester Research Inc. has developed a Data Security And Privacy Playbook which helps organizations build the framework they need to protect sensitive information.


While the TITUS Classification Suite can’t do it all, it plays a key role in the success of any security framework. In this executive overview, Forrester states that: “there is simply no way to solve the [data security] problem without a framework that outlines how you discover, classify, analyze, and ultimately defend data with a mix of security processes, technical controls, and willingness to instill a culture that respects and appreciates privacy.” TITUS provides the classification foundation to any security framework. When data is identified it is possible to enforce data loss prevention, information rights management, cloud sharing, and other security policies based on the sensitivity of the data. TITUS also helps to foster a culture of security among users with pop-up security alerts, automatic application of classification visual markings, or by prompting users to stop, think, and classify the information they create.

The report also addresses other data security topics, such as the need to know your data in order to ensure good record keeping. TITUS Classification can apply persistent retention metadata to your files, helping to ensure that data which has outlived its purpose does not linger as a potential source of harm if leaked, lost, or requested during legal actions.

Keep checking back with the TITUS blog and our events page for further tips and webinars that address the protection of intellectual property.

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