TITUS Turns 10: Celebrating 10 Years of Keeping Your Data Safe


Ten years ago, I started working at a small Ottawa start-up to help brand their business around the world. Our mission was to provide military and government clients with an easy way to securely share their most sensitive information. Military teams in combat needed a way to share critical information with the right people at the right time despite challenging circumstances, and we became the tool of choice.

Our first customer was a government agency in Australia who purchased the software from us online without us even stepping foot in that market. Today, TITUS has over 3 million users at government, military and enterprise organization around the world in a vast multitude of industries.  They are all using TITUS to identify their business critical information, raise awareness to the sensitivity of data and allow people to share information confidently and securely.


This journey has been incredible and none of it would be possible without the amazing TITUS founders and employees, past and present, who have poured their passion and talents into building this company. In 2006 we were a handful of people located in an office above a bagel shop.  Tonight, 130+ employees, along with our guests, will be celebrating TITUS@10 at our headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

Our vision at TITUS is to transform the way businesses securely share information everywhere. We look forward to helping our customers accomplish much more in the years to come, and protecting the information that matters most. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey.

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