Everything is Awesome at RSA 2016


If you have kids (or are a kid at heart) and have watched The LEGO® Movie (I believe it has been played in my house approximately 4000 times), then you know what ‘Everything is Awesome’ refers to…and you now have the song in your head – you’re welcome!


A couple of weeks ago, my colleague wrote a blog post asking you to think about what LEGO can teach us about data security. When building your data protection strategy, as when constructing a LEGO tower, you need a strong foundation in order to ensure that your strategy, or structure, doesn’t topple over. For data protection, that foundation is classification.

Imagine if our LEGO Master Builder, Jason Burik, wasn’t using a strong foundation for the massive LEGO structure he is building at our RSA booth (booth 1215) this week. It’s a busy show – someone could easily bump into it, causing it to topple over, and causing Jason to have to start again.


This is the message we’re delivering to attendees at RSA 2016 in San Francisco this week. Attendees have been coming to our booth – not just for a chance to win LEGO – but to hear how an effective data classification strategy, and a solution like TITUS Classification Suite, will help their organization to effectively protect sensitive information across the enterprise.

And yesterday we officially launched TITUS Illuminate, our data discovery solution which examines and automatically classifies files discovered on-premise as well as in the Cloud. While our Classification Suite has a handle on files in motion, Illuminate works seamlessly with our suite to classify data at rest, ensuring the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

It’s been a great week so far at RSA, with more fun to come. Everything really is Awesome!



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