Live from RSA 2016 – Discover, Classify, Protect and Analyze Your Data with TITUS Illuminate


And, we’re back – back in San Francisco in the midst of fun and excitement at RSA 2016! As always, we had great crowds at the TITUS booth (1215) last night, and lots of people interested in learning more about our information security solutions. Day 2 is an even bigger day for TITUS as we officially launch TITUS Illuminate. Already in use by a number of large enterprise organizations, TITUS Illuminate examines and automatically classifies files discovered on-premise as well as in the Cloud.

TITUS Illuminate gives enterprises the ability to:

Discover data in network file shares, SharePoint, as well as cloud shares such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Dropbox and Box to determine where sensitive data resides.
Identify the business value of data so an organization knows what data it has and how it should be protected.
Classify any file type based on the content (PCI, PII, PHI or intellectual property), context or file properties (author, location, etc).
Apply content protection to files where they reside, quarantine files that are stored inappropriately, or flag files for follow-up where risks are identified based on the combination of content and location.
Analyze data with built-in analytics and reports or through third-party business intelligence tools to help identify risk areas for the organization.
Integrate with other security solutions such as DLP and ERM that can access TITUS metadata to enforce appropriate protection policies.
Work seamlessly with TITUS Classification Suite to enforce rules on files in motion, ensuring the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

“The amount of data being created, shared and stored is growing exponentially, and with people accessing and storing information in a multitude of network and cloud repositories, sensitive data could be anywhere,” said Tim Upton, Founder and CEO of TITUS. “With TITUS Illuminate, organizations now have a way to easily and effectively discover, identify and analyze all of the files that an organization has stored either within the walls of the company or in the Cloud. TITUS is the only data classification vendor that does this type of comprehensive data inventory and analysis.”

Want to learn more? If you’re at RSA 2016, be sure to stop by TITUS booth 1215, and visit You can also keep up with everything that TITUS is up to at RSA by following us on Twitter, and visiting our Facebook page.


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