Introducing Classification for Mac, offering the broadest Outlook coverage on the market


TITUS is excited to announce the addition of Outlook for Mac to our Classification for Outlook offering!

Email is everywhere.  It’s across various platforms and devices, even within a single organization.  While the majority of users may still be on Windows based computers, more and more are beginning to choose Macs.

According to Aberdeen Research, 20% of organizations have enterprise email installations that include both Windows and Mac. In isolation, this number may not seem particularly large, but often these Mac deployments are on desktops where the most sensitive information resides – primarily executive offices, as well as designers and developers.

If your efforts to secure the information transmitted via email is limited only to certain members of your organization, you are risking breaches of either your own intellectual property (IP), or of PII, PCI or PHI.  You don’t want to spill your secret sauce, or face the possibility of loss of consumer trust, market share, or substantial fines.

With the addition of Mac support, TITUS classification provides the broadest Outlook classification coverage on the market – ensuring that all Outlook messages are classified before they are sent, and that security policies are applied.  Flexible classification options enable user-driven, system-suggested or automatic application of the classification based on the recipient, sender, content, and other email attributes.  If an email violates security policies, TITUS blocks or warns the user and provides remediation options, preventing potential data breaches.

TITUS is the first to bring classification to Outlook for Mac, and we’re thrilled!  We’re lucky enough to have such a great customer base, with whom we worked to help build the scope, do market validation, and run demos to make sure we hit the mark.

TITUS is the only vendor to offer data identification and classification for Windows, Mac and mobile devices.  This, along with our enhanced Ionic Security integration announced this week, offer you the best flexibility and choice to safeguard your information.

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