Enhancing Insight with Third Party Reporting


My colleague Libby Robinson recently provided an overview of the benefits and insights built-in TITUS reports can provide. However, during my 16-year career in security & analytics, I have also come to appreciate working with a dedicated data reporting system. If you are like me, you enjoy having the flexibility to precisely control reporting logs in order to present the data exactly the way you want using your preferred tools. TITUS recognizes that there are not only “do it yourselfers” like me, but also different SIEM, business intelligence and insider threat detection systems that organizations rely on. TITUS log data provides unique insights into how users are working with your most sensitive information – so feeding this data into third party reporting systems will provide your organization with insights not otherwise available.


The deepest and most meaningful insights into user behavior, risks, and threats comes from merging data from a variety of different sources. While built-in TITUS reports provide detailed insights into your data and user behavior, your particular key metrics might require a fusion of information from a variety of systems. For example, analyzing data on how users are classifying documents can provide a great deal of information on how accurately documents are being classified, for example. But if you could easily merge how users are classifying with the log data from a CASB (cloud access security broker) you can gain insight into how users are sharing the sensitive files they have just created across various Cloud services.

The more data points that can contribute to determining the level of risk that an individual user or general behavior trend poses to an organization, the more reliable the risk score is. If you’ve purchased a tool with log data that is difficult to leverage outside of that tool, or is in a format that does not lend itself to being combined with other data, you will quickly find that unlocking the full potential of analytics will not be possible.

At TITUS we believe in giving our customers choice, and engineering our solutions so that they can interoperate with and enhance your existing ecosystem. If you have already made the investment in a SIEM or business intelligence system, consider importing TITUS classification log data into these systems for further insight.

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