TITUS Classification for Box Governance


As enterprises embrace a digital transformation strategy, they are innovating how they collaborate with and share data. Leading this charge for enterprises around the world is Box, and today TITUS is excited to be one of the partners included in their journey with security classification for Box Governance!


In a world where the speed of business is unprecedented, enterprises are turning to Box to help them improve productivity. To ensure collaborators can confidently share their data in these fast paced environments, enterprises rely on data classification to help create a culture of security by raising the awareness of data sensitivity. With security classification for Box, enterprises are now able to easily classify and trigger security policies based on the sensitivity of the data. TITUS can automatically apply Box security classifications as well as metadata to documents and files, enabling classification from the enterprise to the cloud.

TITUS Illuminate already gives organizations the ability to automatically apply classifications to Box metadata templates. The addition of security classifications to Box Governance allows for additional security and control based on the classifications provided by TITUS. So those same organizations that use TITUS Classification to prevent sending an internally classified email to external recipients can now extend this functionality through Box Governance to their Cloud collaboration efforts.

A proud day for TITUS as a member of the Box Partner Program!


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