Titus Classification modernizes McAfee DLP

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions like McAfee Cloud, Endpoint and MVISION are used to prevent sensitive data from accidentally being shared with unauthorized recipients.

The challenge for any DLP solution is to determine — with precision — the sensitivity of a document, and how to securely handle the file as it shared through an organization.

Titus uses a machine learning-based Data Detection Engine to classify and identify the data and apply rich and persistent metadata to each file – informing DLP solutions how to properly handle each document.

Titus can help McAfee’s DLP solutions answer questions like:

  • What type of document is it?
  • How is it classified?
  • If it’s classified as Confidential, is the sensitivity level HR, Partner, or Customer related?
  • Does it contain personally identifiable information (PII)?
  • Is it covered by GDPR, CCPA, CUI or any other regulation?
  • Is there a legal hold on the document?

Watch a quick demo of how our solution works with McAfee Cloud, Endpoint, and MVISION platforms:

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