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Why you need a “Where’s Waldo?” approach to data protection

by Mark Cassetta

We’ve all heard the expression, “it’s like finding a needle in the haystack,” in reference to trying to find something buried amongst similar things. It came to mind when I found a Where’s Waldo book the other day. Waldo’s striped shirt, hat and glasses help him blend in when he’s surrounded by other people and things but alone he’s completely obvious.

It’s interesting how the phrase and the children’s game can relate to the data protection challenges we face at work. Our customers have shown me you can’t protect what you can’t find. It’s that simple, but it’s a common challenge for today’s businesses.

Do you know what data you have?

Identifying valuable information is a fundamental first step to a complete data protection strategy. Petabytes of data are stored in vast on-premise network relational database management systems (RDBMS), and cloud storage providers.

The volume of data is only part of the story. These enormous repositories have a mix of sensitive data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and corporate IP. Intellectual property is tricky because it isn’t static. These pieces can exist in various formats within office productivity tools, such as documents, files and emails. And, with today’s tools built for collaboration, sensitive data travels can be shared widely within an organization and with external collaborators.

How do you find the sensitive data?

The enormity of the task to protect all this information, particularly for enterprise companies, is daunting. But it’s critical in the face of increasingly strict compliance regulations like GDPR.

There’s good news, though: You don’t need to secure ALL data. You just need to secure crucial IP and information covered by compliance regulations for data governance. These are your Waldos and you need to find them.

The need to identify your most sensitive and valuable data cannot be understated. It’s a challenge our customers think about every day. And it’s why TITUS is partnering with Dataguise, a leader in data privacy protection and compliance, to offer additional expertise around securing both unstructured and structured data.

TITUS and Dataguise: Working together to protect your data

At TITUS, we help our customers accelerate the adoption of data protection. We’re known for our ability to help organizations identify and classify critical data at rest within documents residing in shared folders and cloud repositories (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365, SharePoint) as well as data at creation when new files and emails are created.

Dataguise solutions are a great complement to our industry-leading solutions. Dataguise offers products that automatically discover, protect, and monitor sensitive data across enterprise big data repositories on premise and in the cloud (RDBMS, Hadoop, AWS S3, Azure Data Lake, Google Cloud Storage, Snowflake and Teradata).

Together, TITUS and Dataguise bridge the gap, enabling customers worldwide to find sensitive data across structured (RDBMS) and unstructured (files, emails) locations. This is the first step for our strategic partnership to provide organizations with greater capabilities to build a data protection strategy that’s right for them.  

You can’t protect what you can’t find

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Mark Cassetta, senior vice president of product management and strategy, is responsible for the execution of product strategy at TITUS. His diverse background, including roles in marketing, business development, corporate strategy, applications development, and enterprise software, helps to inform his approach.