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TITUS Empowers Companies to Meet EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Standards

Robust Data Classification Solution Provides Organizations with a Competitive Edge Through the Protection of Personal Data for EU Residents

MUNICH, May 11, 2016 – (KuppingerCole Summit) The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) will have a significant impact both in the EU and around the world when it takes effect in early 2018. The new regulation has significant implications for organizations, including hefty fines, specific hiring mandates for security personnel, and strict rules for breach notification and liability for violations. Organizations that develop a clear data protection plan will have a competitive edge to help them to build trusted customer relationships and drive business growth. See the TITUS and Forrester Research webinar on "EU GDPR Regulation: How to Kickstart Your Strategy Now."

TITUS solutions enable organizations to discover, classify, protect and confidently share information and meet regulatory compliance requirements by identifying and securing unstructured data.The following suggestions can help organizations take a proactive approach to compliance with the EU GDPR regulations.

  • Know your data: Understanding your data is the foundation of any security or risk management initiative. Only by knowing what data it has, where it resides, and who has access to it can an organization effectively secure and protect it. With support for automated, system-suggested or user-enabled identity and classification, TITUS gives organizations visibility into their data footprint, embeds metadata directly into the files and gives users the ability to handle data appropriately.
  • Understand your exposure: Once an organization understands its data and where it is stored, it can review its current procedures for processing and storage far ahead of any compliance test. One particular risk to watch for is data recycling and consent. Personal data can only be shared with explicit consent that is specific to the purpose for which the data was collected. Cloud storage or enterprise shared file stores are another risky area. Many cloud storage vendors have their data centers outside the EU, which could pose a problem. TITUS Illuminate scans file stores to identify files with personal data and enables detailed analysis of that data before it is stored.
  • Develop systems to ensure compliance: The EU GDPR encourages “Privacy by Design” which encompasses defined processes, appropriate tooling, employee training and accountability that together ensure appropriate data handling. Organizations should promote a culture of privacy by prompting users to stop, think and consider the personal nature of the information they are handling. TITUS makes users aware of their responsibilities when handling personal information, helping to align user behavior with corporate privacy policies.

Tim Upton, founder and CEO, TITUS said:
"It is vital to any organization that does business with EU member states to understand and be prepared to meet new data protection regulations. We have been tracking the EU GDPR since its inception and have taken steps to ensure that our customers meet and exceed compliance regulations, particularly in the areas of demonstrating accountability, retention and disposal management, and data breach prevention."

TITUS products enhance data loss prevention by classifying and protecting sensitive information in emails, documents and other file types – on the desktop, on mobile devices, and in the Cloud. TITUS solutions are trusted by millions of users in over 60 countries around the world. Its customers include Dell, Provident Bank, Dow Corning, Safran Morpho, United States Air Force, NATO, Pratt and Whitney, Canadian Department of National Defence, and Australian Department of Defence

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