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Organizations need solutions they can use to protect and share their most valuable data without disrupting the flow of work. Because people do their best work using the tools they’re most comfortable with.

The answer? A flexible solution that provides specialized, customizable functionality to meet the unique needs of your business.



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TITUS and Virtru combine their data classification and encryption expertise into a single solution to facilitate secure collaboration that works the way users do – across platforms and devices whether on premise, in the cloud or within hybrid environments. 




How it Works






TITUS Data Classification enables users to easily identify and classify their data so the right level of protection will be applied.   Virtru end-to end encryption transparently protects data to ensure only authorized parties can access emails and files.   Together, TITUS and Virtru apply intelligent, flexible protections to emails and attachments based on enterprise data classification schemes and protection policies.


TITUS & Virtru offer freedom of choice

Regardless of the platform your organization works on, the integration of TITUS and Virtru offers significant business value for organizations:

  • Protect sensitive data in emails and files by enforcing policy standards that travel with the data no matter how, or where the data is shared
  • Apply access controls to identify and secure emails and files in the Cloud and meet mandatory compliance standards
  • Extend and scale your data protection ecosystem by simply connecting TITUS and Virtru to other solutions within your organization for cross-platform data sharing



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