Protect Data Throughout Its Lifecycle with DRM


January 26, 2022   -   9:00 am CST

Business users need to be able to share files and collaborate on data as a part of everyday business. This internal and external collaboration, while necessary, presents several security challenges to IT. How much of what users are sharing is sensitive information? Where is it being stored and how is it being shared? Once you know that, how can you best secure it without impacting workflows? Thankfully, when you pair Titus, a data classification tool, with Vera, a digital rights management (DRM) tool, both from HelpSystems, you can enable your organization to share data confidently.

The Vera-Titus integration provides an end-to-end solution to help organizations identify, categorize, analyze, secure, and track the data they have. This enables employees to work and collaborate more freely, without having to worry about understanding what is and what is not confidential.

During this live webinar, our data security expert will demonstrate the benefits of pairing enterprise-grade classification from Titus with the advanced file-level security of Vera. You’ll learn how to:

• Classify data in your team’s workflow (or scan and classify data at rest)
• Seamlessly apply or invoke Vera DRM to apply data protection wherever the data travels
• Control file access for both internal and external users, track how they access data, and set expiration
• Take advantage of the technical integration of the two tools for total data security

With the Vera-Titus integration, you can dramatically improve your organization’s overall security posture to protect against data breaches and having sensitive data fall into the wrong hands.

We look forward to having you join us on January 26!

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Titus, a HelpSystems Company, is a leader in providing solutions that enable businesses to accelerate their data protection strategy. The company’s products enable organizations to discover, classify, protect, analyze, and share information. With an open, intelligent policy manager, Titus customers can address regulatory compliance initiatives and get more out of their existing security investments. Millions of users in over 120 countries trust Titus to keep their data compliant and secure. Learn more at

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