Protect sensitive data in the cloud with Netskope and Titus

Learn how Titus and Netskope work together to keep your data secure in the cloud.

The amount of information created these days is staggering. We’re doubling the volume of data every two years. That’s a lot for organizations to filter through to protect sensitive data. Not only is the amount of data increasing, but the way people work and share information is changing, too.

Companies aren’t confined to strict physical locations anymore. And collaboration with remote full-time employees, contractors, and contingent workers is the new normal. But that means the traditional corporate network perimeter is gone.

Build data protection into the workflow – everywhere

We can’t roll back the clock to a carefully contained data container in organizations. Besides, we all know employees will scale those walls or punch a hole right through them to get their work done. Since productivity is the main driver behind the use of shadow IT, organizations need to address the needs of workers so they can continue to get their work done as easily as possible. That’s where cloud sharing and storage apps come into play.

They’re essential to business operations, but they’re changing the urgency and need for tools that protect sensitive data beyond the traditional firewall because of the amount of data that now moves in and out of the cloud. Not to mention the pressure that’s coming from compliance regulations, such as GDPR.

Reduce the risks of data loss, breaches or leaks with controlled cloud usage

The biggest challenge with cloud apps is the ease with which large amounts of data can be shared – even from mobile devices. IT departments and CISOs have limited visibility into what information is being uploaded, downloaded and shared. This makes it easy for users to inadvertently share sensitive data or use unsanctioned applications. Establishing sanctioned apps with Netskope and ongoing coaching on appropriate use is a critical step in protecting data in the cloud.

Establish shared responsibility and accountability for data security

Take the time to create an awareness and education program that covers the basics so you can protect sensitive data at all levels of your organization. When people know how to handle data and the implications of a data breach, they’ll be the best first defense for securing information. After all, it’s in the best interests of the entire organization to keep data secure.

Use the right tools to protect sensitive data – everywhere

Data classification is the foundation of data security – within the corporate firewall and in the cloud. Because you can’t protect data you don’t know you have. Titus Classification provides automated, system-suggested, and user-driven classification to clearly identify to people and technology how information should be secured. And Netskope cloud enablement solutions enables enterprises to embrace the cloud while ensuring sensitive information is not at risk.

By clearly identifying data, Titus Classification empowers Netskope to make dynamic, fine-grained policy decisions before information is uploaded to the cloud. Together, Titus and Netskope provide organizations with the confidence to embrace the cloud.

Want to learn more about how Titus and Netskope work together to keep your data secure in the cloud? Check out our Netskope technology partner page.

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