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Protecting your data can be complex,

but the solutions don't have to be


Help employees stop and think about the value of data

Empower your people to identify, classify, protect and confidently share data every day using tools that fit into their workflow.






9 billion records have been lost, stolen or compromised since 2013



— Gemalto



Add structure to unstructured data 


As your organization generates more and more data, you need effective tools for managing it. 

Titus Data Classification lets you add visual markings and handling instructions to email and documents. Powered by a flexible, powerful policy platform, Titus helps you avoid costly mistakes and build awareness around information security.

You can’t protect the data you don’t know about


People access and store files on their computers, on networks and in the cloud. Sensitive data could be in any of these locations. 

Titus Illuminate analyzes data, determines its value and applies the appropriate classification to protect it at rest. The Illuminate dashboard tracks your progress and keeps you up to date.  

Machine learning capabilities use automatic or recommended classifications to identify and protect your organization’s information, such as financial reports, internal design documents or public news releases.



unknown data

right protection

Apply the right level of protection


Protect your sensitive data beyond your organizational borders. 

Titus provides the ideal front end to data loss prevention (DLP), cloud access security brokers (CASB), encryption and enterprise rights management (ERM) solutions by automatically protecting information based on classification, content, recipients and other attributes. 

With our flexible, powerful policy platform as a front end to your security solutions, your organization can collaborate securely from desktop to mobile device.



Titus accelerates the adoption of your Data Protection by providing a platform that is more Open, Intelligent and Flexible.





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