Challenging the status quo for data protection

Learn why the need to accelerate the adoption of a comprehensive data protection strategy has never been greater.

As cyber breaches continue across networks, endpoints, public and private clouds, public sector department need to think about a strategy that is inclusive of new approaches to protecting their mission-critical information.

Recently, I had the pleasure to speak at the Palo Alto Networks Federal Government Summit, that brought together leading technology companies in the cybersecurity industry to address this very topic.

While each company had a unique position based on their area of technical expertise and focus, a common thread emerged – an effective security strategy must be highly adaptive to combat existing and new threats.

While governance and compliance regulations attempt to address a component of the problem to ensure adherence to security standards, this is just one aspect to a broader challenge to protect sensitive data.

One such new option is to establish a best-of-breed integrated data loss prevention strategy that is effective in both it’s design and capabilities. It is inclusive of technologies within an ecosystem that incorporates network firewalls, CASB and data classification solutions in addition to email encryption.

At the Summit, I introduced our partnership with Palo Alto Networks in the context of this integrated DLP offering which brings together Titus Data Classification solutions and Palo Alto Next-Generation Security Platform. Titus identifies data in the workflow, to provide Palo Alto visibility into the sensitivity of the data flowing across the network and into the Cloud. Users and administrators can seamlessly identify and control the flow of sensitive data, meet stringent regulatory requirements, and optimize prevention policies to focus on the highest-risk areas, no matter where the information resides – across the desktop, on mobile devices, data centers, and in the Cloud.

A crucial aspect of this process is the role that employees need to play to ensure the data they work with every day remains protected as it travels throughout the workflow. For government agencies and corporations, this means that employees need to be engaged in a culture of security each day to prevent personal data from leaving the network, data leaks at data center levels and personal loss of data on mobile devices and insecure systems.

The need to accelerate the adoption of a comprehensive data protection strategy has never been greater. Nor has the need to constantly challenge the status quo; incorporating new processes and technologies into a flexible security framework, fundamental to ensuring our Federal Government remains on the front-line of cyber defense in a world where the next attempted data breach is just around the corner.

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Mark Cassetta, senior vice president of product management and strategy, is responsible for the execution of product strategy at Titus. His diverse background, including roles in marketing, business development, corporate strategy, applications development, and enterprise software, helps to inform his approach.

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