We’ve got smarter data protection to help you increase confidence and minimize risk

Learn how Titus Intelligent Protection – powered by machine learning – help enhance the accuracy and consistency of your organization’s data protection.

Recently, we announced the availability of Titus Intelligent Protection, powered by machine learning. This new capability is designed to help enhance the accuracy and consistency of your organization’s data protection. It works by leveraging industry-proven algorithms so you can build and train your own models customized to the categories of documents that fit your unique business needs.

Intelligent data protection: Productivity and security

When it comes to employee productivity we know that clicks cost money. We also know that classification is foundational to good data protection. I often hear that organizations feel torn between productivity and protection- and they can’t afford to compromise on either.

There are some traditional methods to find certain specific types of data, such as Regular Expressions for data like SSNs or Credit Card numbers. But they aren’t consistently accurate and return false problems. They’re also limited in terms of what they can find. It’s a passable solution for certain types of data but we can do better.

We’re working toward solving the problem of having to sacrifice productivity or security by integrating machine learning into the Titus solutions. Machine learning allows for classification recommendations and automatic classification, reducing the required time for end-user intervention and giving employees the freedom to focus on their work.

By simplifying the classification choices to a yes/no question, or by identifying and classifying seamlessly behind the scenes, Titus Intelligent Protection minimizes the impact on the flow of work for end users.

Improving data identification accuracy

It’s about more than just productivity, though. It also increases the impact of your data protection program by increasing the accuracy of classification selections. At Titus, we’ve been talking about the importance of user-driven classification for a long time, and we still feel it’s an important approach. Titus Intelligent Protection augments your user-driven classification, helping employees identify and classify data more accurately.

As humans, we naturally have unconscious biases, differing perspectives and, of course, we make mistakes! This can happen when there’s a lack of clarity around what a certain classification means (Is it internal, confidential, restricted? How do I know?), or when someone is in a rush to meet a deadline or get an email out.

When the data identification and classification happen incorrectly or inconsistently, it starts a series of unfortunate data protection events that can result in your security stack getting the wrong instructions on how to protect your data.

Regardless of the why, Titus Intelligent Protection can help prevent the misidentification of your organization’s data by doing a real-time check on the classification. Then it can alert users who might have misclassified an email or a file, or by reclassifying it automatically.

Enhancing consistency

When you introduce machine learning and organization-specific models, it enhances the accuracy and consistency of your data protection efforts. Your machine learning model will categorize the same document the same way and you can gather feedback and reporting insights to continue to refine your machine learning model to increase confidence or expand the categories. By consistently identifying and classifying documents with high accuracy, your data protection program will become more consistent – limiting errors or oversights and getting the right policies applied to the right data, at the right time.

Machine learning: Helping protect your sensitive data

We’ve taken a practical approach to this first phase of machine learning in Titus, training and deploying a unique machine learning model based on the data uses and needs of your organization is within reach.

I’m excited for Titus Intelligent Protection because it makes my day-to-day work simpler, with fewer clicks. And now I get to tell you and the rest of the world, too, that we’ve got a seamless data protection solution ready and waiting for you today.

Learn more about Titus Intelligent Protection.

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Laura Roantree is a product marketing manager for TITUS, where she helps organizations solve critical business problems such as how to identify and protect their data in the flow of work.

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