Know your data so you can protect it

The data protection challenge

You have to know where sensitive and personal data is located before you can take steps to protect it, but identifying your most at-risk information can be challenging. It resides within big data repositories on premise, in the cloud and across all formats, including files, emails and documents. Compliance regulations and penalties add an extra layer of complexity and urgency to protecting sensitive information.

Bridging the gap

Together, TITUS and Dataguise provide the most inclusive approach to identifying your sensitive information without restrictions on the data format or where it is stored.


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How does it work?

Dataguise offers DgSecure, a data privacy and protection software that automatically discovers, protects, and monitors sensitive structured data to deliver comprehensive control and visibility via a single dashboard.

In combination with TITUS Classification Suite, organizations will also have insight into all at-risk information. Policy-driven classification can then be applied to maintain the integrity of the data wherever it travels.

The TITUS Solution








Intelligently detect and secure your most valuable, vulnerable data

Identify and protect information across all data sources, including large data repositories like Hadoop, Teradata, RDBMS and cloud platforms

Deploy data protection policies to identify sensitive data at creation

Support element-level detection and protection across cloud platforms (including AWS S3, RDS, Aurora, Redshift, Azure ADLS, Google Cloud and Snowflake) 

Optimize downstream data loss prevention (DLP), encryption and rights management;

Monitor and protect access rights to personal data



Protecting all your data

TITUS and Dataguise solutions help you detect and secure sensitive information so you can adopt the data protection strategy that’s right for your business.

Both TITUS and Dataguise offer an open-platform approach, allowing flexibility and customization based on your unique data security requirements. 

With the addition of data classification, you can refine and mature your data protection policies as your organization transforms and grows.



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