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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Choose the right tools for compliance

Titus supports your GDPR compliance

Whether you’re just starting out on your compliance journey, or you’re looking for a solution to facilitate or enhance your data security investments, Titus will help you deliver on your business and compliance objectives. Titus makes GDPR compliance work for your business – not against it.



Compliance in the flow of work

Identify personal data stored in email and documents so that your organization can apply the appropriate controls to protect that information. With support for automated, system-suggested, or user-driven classification, Titus solutions provide an intuitive workflow built into the user’s familiar desktop and mobile applications.



Ongoing compliance

GDPR compliance is an ongoing effort (and it won’t be the last regulation to come along). You may be compliant today, but with the increasing volume of data, you need a solution that protects personal data as it's created and shared. Adopt a gold standard of data protection to future-proof your business.




Augment compliance within your security ecosystem

Your organization has existing security investments and data protection policies. Titus enables your policies and technologies to work together to apply the right level of protection to personal data and other valuable, sensitive information so you have confidence that it’s secure.



Identify, classify and secure personal data

Identification and classification are the foundational steps to securing personal data and complying with GDPR. Identify the personal data within your organization to enable data protection required, using your existing policies and security technologies.



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