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Canadian Department of National Defence

Learn how TITUS Message Classification and TITUS Classification for Office are a cornerstone in national security.

Dow Corning

Learn how Dow Corning uses TITUS solutions to protect the most valuable assets of their business - their intellectual property.

FIFE Constabulary

Discover how this Scottish police force achieved GPMS compliance and secured sensitive information with TITUS Message Classification.

Large Canadian Financial Institution

Learn how a large Canadian financial institution enhances their data protection strategy with McAfee and TITUS.

Safran Morpho

See how Safran Morpho Classifies and Protects Sensitive Information with TITUS.


The Turkcell security team began to look for a solution to enable them to extend the value of their existing Microsoft infrastructure and DLP solution.

Wynn Resorts' Transformed Information Governance

Wynn Resorts and TITUS sat down to talk about how Wynn took control of their data so they could establish a best practice information governance strategy. This webinar has insights about how you can do the same for your organization.

Classification for Desktop

TITUS Classification for Desktop allows end users to classify and protect any file type with just a few mouse clicks in Microsoft Windows Explorer helping protect your organization against inadvertent data loss.

Classification for Microsoft Office

TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office is a classification and policy enforcement tool that ensures all Microsoft Office documents are classified before they can be saved, printed, or sent via email.

Classification for Microsoft Office - Military

TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office is a classification and policy enforcement tool that ensures all Microsoft Office documents are classified before they can be saved, printed, or sent via email.

Classification for Microsoft Outlook Web App

TITUS Message Classification Web Access is a classification and policy enforcement tool that ensures all Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA) emails are classified before they are sent.

Classification for Mobile

TITUS Classification for Mobile is an easy to use email and document security solution for mobile devices.

Data Classification for G Suite

Protect what matters most for your business with TITUS Data Classification for G Suite, a security solution that allows users to easily and confidently identify, classify, secure and share sensitive information within the flow of work.

Message Classification for Email - Military

TITUS Message Classification is an easy-to-use classification and policy enforcement tool that ensures every Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web App email is classified and protectively marked before it is sent.

Message Classification for Microsoft Outlook

TITUS Message Classification ensures that every email is classified and protectively marked before it is sent.

TITUS Corporate Overview

TITUS solutions enable organizations to discover, classify, protect, and confidently share information.

TITUS Illuminate

TITUS Illuminate identifies, classifies, and protects data at rest in network file shares and in the cloud.

TITUS Solutions Overview

TITUS solutions enable you to build a policy-driven foundation by identifying and classifying data at creation, in motion or at rest so the right level of security is applied to protect it.

Top Questions to Ask Your Data Classification Vendor

This checklist of questions will help you gain insight into the advantages of the TITUS Classification platform.

451 Market Insight: Safran Morpho targets its large-scale data-classification needs with TITUS

Safran Morpho targets its large-scale data-classification needs with TITUS. 

Thumbnail of front of 451 Research report on TITUS machine learning

451 Research - TITUS changes tack, places big bet on machine-learning-based classification

451 Research applauds TITUS’s decision to introduce machine-learning-based classification to its arsenal.

451 Research - TITUS extends data classification to cloud resources and adds discovery

In this Market Insight report, 451 Research takes a look at the expanding portfolio of TITUS, and the latest product additions addressing cloud data security and data discovery.

A Practical Guide For GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. This research from Osterman shows it's time to get ready and the consequences of getting it wrong are significant.

Thumbnail of front of Forrester Research report: Estimate Breach Impact and Costs to Drive Investments

Forrester Research: Estimate Breach Impact and Costs to Drive Investments

Learn how to quantify the business impact of a data breach and build your case for investments in security solutions.

GDPR: The End of The Beginning

GDPR is a catalyst for changes in how businesses operate globally. This report shows why GDPR is only the beginning of a new way of thinking about how to protect data at the ecosystem level to get ahead of the next regulation.

KuppingerCole Executive View - TITUS Classification Suite

KuppingerCole analyst Graham Williamson gives his analysis of TITUS Classification Suite in this Executive View report.

Overcoming the Two Biggest Obstacles to an Effective Data Security Program

This report from Aberdeen Research delves into the biggest obstacles your organization faces in implementing an effective data security program.

Preparing for the Era of Digital Transformation

By navigating important trends such as IT modernization, mobility, data analytics, IoT and digital citizen services, governments can better prepare for the era of digital transformation. Read this guide today!

Thumbnail of front of TITUS-Dataguise solution brief

Access & Protect Data - Anywhere, Anytime

The volume of data is growing exponentially and compliance regulations are increasingly stringent. The tools we use to be more productive make it more challenging to find and protect data. But this is fundamental to a comprehensive data protection strategy. Find out how TITUS and Dataguise can help keep your data secure.

Classify to Reduce Mobile Data Loss

Learn how mobile email classification can help protect your sensitive information from leaking.

Collaborate Securely in the Cloud

Classify and protect information with persistent metadata from mobile to on-prem to the cloud.

Controlled Unclassified Information: Guide to CUI Compliance

Read the guide and learn how data classification helps organizations comply with CUI.

Creating a Culture of Security

Read the solution brief to learn why organizations embrace TITUS to transform their security culture and set the foundation for their information protection strategy program.

Data Classification for Box

This Solution Brief describes how TITUS empowers enterprises to make intelligent, deliberate decisions about how to handle sensitive information uploaded to or stored in Box.

Embracing Digital Business Transformation

Find out why TITUS empowers organizations to embrace digital transformation with confidence.

Extending Microsoft RMS to Mobile

Find out how TITUS Classification for Mobile makes it possible to view and protect information using Microsoft Rights Management Services on iPhone and iPad.

Financial Services: Protect data and meet compliance requirements

Find out how TITUS can help financial institutions to accurately identify information assets according to business value and sensitivity.

Gain Control Over Retention Management

Learn how data classification provides the foundation of an effective retention management and defensible deletion strategy.

GDPR compliance support that works for your business

Protect your personal data and meet compliance requirements with TITUS. Because achieving and maintaining compliance shouldn't break your business.

Government Security Classification, UK

Discover how to comply with the UK Government Security Classification (GSC) policy by providing users with an easy way to classify information assets.

Healthcare Information Protection

Learn how you can manage and protect sensitive patient data including PHI, PII and IP.

Identify and Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud with TITUS and Netskope

Using TITUS Classification and Netskope together allows enterprises to embrace the cloud while ensuring sensitive information is not at risk.

Identify sensitive data and prevent data leaks with McAfee and TITUS

The joint McAfee DLP and TITUS Classification solution increases user awareness and responsibility by encouraging users to review what they are about to send.

Identify Sensitive Data and Prevent Data Loss with TITUS and Forcepoint

The joint Forcepoint DLP and TITUS Classification solution combines the user and the strengths of DLP, as part of a Corporate data protection strategy.

Information Lifecycle Management

Learn how TITUS Classification provides essential information to manage the lifecycle of information that resides outside of your content management repository.

NIST SP 800-171 and CUI Compliance

Download the solution brief today to learn how to meet NIST SP 800-171 and CUI compliance requirements to protect Controlled Unclassified Information.

Protection of Personal Information Act, South Africa

Learn how TITUS Classification helps organizations in South Africa meet the compliance requirements of the PoPI Act.

Secure Critical Email with TITUS and Ionic

Together, TITUS and Ionic Security identify, classify, and protect sensitive emails to ensure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

Share information securely with TITUS and Palo Alto Networks

Prevent data loss in email communications while you safely enable access of critical information and prevent accessibility of sensitive information on insecure systems. with TITUS and Palo Alto Networks.

Singapore Personal Data Protection Act

Protect personal data in accordance to Singapore's Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) with TITUS.

Building the Business Case for Data Classification

Watch this joint webinar from 451 Research and TITUS to learn how to use data classification to strengthen your organization's approach information and data security.

CUI and NIST SP 800-171 Compliance: What Agencies and Contractors Should Know

Join PKH Enterprises and TITUS for a discussion on strategies to help federal agencies and contractors meet the main CUI requirements as established by NIST 800-171 and DFARS 252.204-7012.

GDPR takes a village: Practical advice to help you achieve compliance

Organizations that take a strategic approach to GDPR compliance can show customers a higher level of commitment in the way they use and handle data. This webinar with Enza Iannopollo, Analyst at Forrester Research and Doug Snow, VP of Customer Success, TITUS discusses how to make to take effective, long-term action.

Key Strategies for Maintaining GDPR Compliance

Watch now to get insights and best practices for identifying and protecting personal data to reach sustained GDPR compliance through organization-wide involvement.

5 Easy Steps for Implementing a Classification Policy

Follow five simple steps and discover the value in making classification the foundation of your information protection strategy.

5 Reasons Classification is the First Step to Successful Data Loss Prevention

Read this white paper to learn how your organization can kick-start a successful DLP project by beginning with data classification.

Achieving ISO 27001 Compliance using TITUS Solutions

Discover how shifting to a data-centric security model is the first step to securing your unstructured information.

Best Practices for a Successful DLP Deployment

This is your guide to a successful DLP deployment including 5 best practices to help turn data loss problems into data loss prevention.

Best Practices for Australian Email Protective Compliance

This best practices guide provides direction for Australian government agencies using the TITUS Message Classification product to help them comply with the new version (V2012.2) of the Email Protective Marking Standard.

Data Classification is a Business Imperative

Download this whitepaper today to learn about data security trends and how you can implement - and enforce - a successful data security strategy in your organization.

Data is the New Perimeter

Discover how shifting to a data-centric security model is the first step to securing your unstructured information.

Easily Implement the New DoD Marking Standard with Classification Software

The Department of Defense Manual (DoDM) 5200.01 Volume 2 mandates changes to the way information should be marked within the DoD. Download the white paper today and discover how to be compliant.

Integrating Information Labelling and Microsoft AD RMS

This white paper examines the challenges of content protection and user acceptance of content protection technology.

ITAR Compliance - Strategies to Identify and Protect Technical Data

This whitepaper will focus on strategies to meet ITAR requirements and best practices surrounding the implementation of an ITAR compliance program.

Meeting CUI Requirements with TITUS Classification Solutions

Discover step-by-step how TITUS Classification Solutions meet the CUI marking and encryption requirements

Optimizing Information Sharing - Military

This white paper examines the challenges of sharing information in today's military environment, and introduces the many advantages of implementing an enterprise classification management solution.

Protect Your CUI Data: 5 Steps to a Successful CUI Compliance Plan

This paper provides IT professionals and executives with an overview of the issues related to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and privacy.

Protecting Personally Identifiable Information with Classification and Content Inspection

This paper provides IT professionals and executives with an overview of the issues related to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and privacy.

Smarter Data Protection With Machine Learning

Read this white paper to discover how machine learning can enable organizations to improve classification and enhance data protection strategies.

Three Steps to Protecting PII in the Government

This paper discusses strategies for complying with PII privacy requirements, as well as tools designed to help organizations identify and protect unstructured PII data.

Using Technology to Aid Classification and Declassification

The Public Interest Declassification Board released a report to the US President entitled "Transforming the Security Classification System" which provides six recommendations to help improve and modernize the current classification system.

Works Council: How to Balance Data Protection with Worker Privacy

Works Councils forbid content analysis of workers' personal messages. Discover how TITUS can help you balance the need to protect data without invading worker privacy.

Top Reasons for Data Classification

Discover the top 5 reasons for you to classify your organization's data and learn the key benefits of making data classification the foundation of your security program.

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