Data Classification and Encryption

Encryption solutions are a valuable addition to a data security solution suite within an organization, adding an extra layer of virtually unbreakable protection for the most sensitive data. But this added security can come at a cost. Sharing encrypted files with internal and/or external contacts can be a frustrating experience and can hinder important business processes if files aren’t easily readable. Titus data classification provides a good solution to help deal with the challenges of encryption, ensuring your organization’s sensitive data has end-to-end protection.

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The Titus and Vera Data Security Integration

Vera is a data-centric DRM solution leader that lets businesses secure, track, and share any kind of data, no matter where it’s stored or located. With robust policy enforcement, strong encryption, and strict access controls, Vera’s data-centric security solution enables employees to collaborate freely while ensuring a high level of security, visibility, and control.

Titus and Vera by Fortra integrate to provide an end-to end solution to help organizations find, categorize, secure, and track the data they have. The data classification provided by Titus, combined with Vera’s encryption, digital rights management, and data protection, enables employees to work and collaborate more freely, both internally and externally, without having to worry about understanding what is or is not confidential and what needs to be encrypted.

Solution brief: Titus and Vera Solution Brief

Paired together, Titus and Vera from Fortra employ a powerful combination of best-of-breed classification and digital rights management.

Learn how this integration can help your organization work and collaborate more securely.

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