Health care organizations such as medical centers, labs, and insurance companies deal with a lot of sensitive data, from Personal Health Information (PHI) to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to Payment Card Industry (PCI) data.

And it all must be kept private, even when shared across multiple organizations. Even a small breach of stringent health care industry privacy rules can cost organizations millions – not to mention damaging their reputation and standing in the eyes of partners, clients and regulators. For R&D companies and medical equipment makers developing patentable Intellectual Property (IP), the stakes could be even higher. That’s why health care organizations of all stripes need a simple, intuitive yet powerful way to identify and manage sensitive information.

Titus classification offers automated, guided, and user-driven classification solutions, making it easy for health care providers to apply uniform classifications and markings to emails and documents. When sensitive data is shared across organizations, it’s not only easy to identify and work with – it’s also shared with only the right people, and always according to policy.

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Titus helps identify sensitive health care information

Titus classification solutions help identify PHI, PII, PCI, and IP data through easy-to-use tools that gently yet firmly enforce a clear, consistent way of identifying and managing sensitive information. It applies dynamic visual markings to emails and documents to ensure security awareness, employee or partner accountability, and regulatory compliance.

Titus helps stop sensitive health care data loss

Titus leverages content, context, classification, and user attributes to enforce access, handling, sharing and other security policies, preventing inadvertent disclosure among employees or partners. Metadata attached to emails and documents simplifies information management while automatically triggering consistent encryption, and user auditing around sensitive data helps track careless (or malicious) behavior.

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Titus protects health care workers’ mobile devices

Nearly one-third of health care industry data breaches originate with a lost or stolen mobile device. Lax policies around mobile data sharing can also be a factor. That’s simply unacceptable – especially when Titus solutions can lock down mobile sharing (uploading, emailing, printing, copying, or opening into other apps), allow easy storage of sensitive information in an encrypted container, and can even automatically delete sensitive information based on geolocation or expiration period.

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