What is EPMS?

The Australian Government has implemented policies and procedures around classification and protective control of information assets, aligned with their value, importance and sensitivity. According to the Email Protective Marking Scheme (v2012.2), governmental agencies must ensure that all official emails are marked with a protective marking that identifies the maximum classification and protection requirements for that information.

Titus Classification Suite supports version 2018.2 of the standard and is in use by over 30 federal agencies in Australia.

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Identify official information

Enable users to identify official information according to the Australian Government security classification system. With an intuitive classification workflow built into their familiar desktop and mobile applications, users can easily identify and grade the confidentiality requirements of official information whenever they send emails.

Apply protective markings

Automatically add protective markings so that all those who handle the information can apply the correct protective measures. Titus Classification Suite offers market-leading flexibility, with virtually unlimited customization capabilities that makes it easy to meet even the most exacting marking requirements. The solution adds protective markings to the email subject line and Internet Message Header Extension in full compliance with the Email Protective Marking Standard v2018.2.

Assist users with compliance

As marking procedures and requirements can be complex and daunting for inexperienced users, it’s important to guide your users through the classification process so that government information is classified quickly, easily, and accurately. Titus provides assisted classification, built-in help, interactive policy assistance, customizable user interface options that make compliance easy for your users.

Classify mobile email

As more and more business work is taking place outside the four office walls, it’s important that any classification solution complies with the Email Protective Marking Standard on both desktop and mobile. Titus Classification for Mobile enables users to read and apply protective markings from their mobile device, ensuring that government information is protected wherever it resides.

Share information securely

Control the flow of information into and out of your government agency. Titus applies interoperable protective marking metadata to email and documents, making it possible for email gateways, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) solutions to leverage the metadata to determine what policies to enforce, thereby recognizing and protecting sensitive official information across the entire security ecosystem.

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Solution brief: Email Protective Marking Standards (EPMS)

Read our solution brief to learn what’s changed in v2018.2 and what to consider when transitioning to the new version of EPMS.

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